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Feels Like Something Stuck Between Gums And Teeth Constantly

Posted by Phyllis (Richmond, Virginia) on 10/25/2013

Mouth Sensation - Feels like Something Stuck Between my Gums and Hairy Teeth constantly:

I have been having a strange sensation in my mouth for several months now, and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. I have asked my dentist, my gynocologist (to see if it was possibly related to peri-menopause), and my GP. My dentist prescribed an "antibiotic type" mouthwash which has not helped. My gynocologist suggested it might be a vitamin B deficiency, so I started taking a B complex and a B12 supplement twice a day. Again no help. My GP thought maybe vitamin D deficiency, so I added that as well, again with no improvement. I've had blood work done to see if anything showed up, all with no results. The sensation started out in one spot, and it felt like I had something stuck between the tooth and gum. I'd floss, pick, and brush, and still it felt like it was there. Then I had the same thing at the next door tooth. Then it started to feel like my teeth were fuzzy. Originally all this was on the right side, with the original "stuck food spots" being lower right. Then it increased to upper right. Now the fuzzy teeth sensation feels like all over, and unfortunately, it is just as strong right after I brush my teeth. No one seems to have ever heard of this sensation at all. Can you help me, please? It is driving me crazy!

Thanks, Phyllis

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Phyllis!

I sometimes get that feeling you are talking about- something stuck between the teeth but nothing there - and this works for me.

Try brushing with tea tree oil and see if that makes a difference.

I start by brushing with my regular toothpaste, and then when done I rinse my mouth and then add several drops of tea tree oil right from the bottle onto my toothbrush. I then brush with the tea tree oil. It tastes nasty! I spit and then keep going, making sure I get the gum line; this nips gingivitis right in the bud! I then get out the floss and put tea trea oil on the floss, and then floss away. If you can handle it, brush your tongue too.

I spit out as much oil as I can and wait two minutes, and then rinse my mouth out.

It tastes nasty but it has worked well for me.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Phyllis, read up on oil pulling.

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Phyllis,

Well, that sounds miserable! And if you have had this much advice and trial and error, it has been going on for a while.

Some things I would try -

Do not use toothpaste with SLS or flouride in it. Even lots of "natural" toothpastes aren't very "natural." This website has some natural alternatives to toothpaste that would be worth a try.

Look into "Oil Pulling" on this website. It helps lots of heath problems and also helps with oral health issues. Because it helps such a variety of conditions, perhaps it would help this, also.

Black Walnut Tincture is excellent for oral health. One dropper of tincture in a little water and swish in your mouth for 20 seconds. (1/2 water, 1/2 hydrogen peroxide would be cheaper and might be better.)

Crazy as it sounds, it might help to brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder. This is messy and you wouldn't want to be wearing your favorite white shirt while doing this...But charcoal is great for teeth. You can even add a little bit of cayenne pepper to this (spicy, especially at first! ) Cayenne increases circulation and therefore healing.

Do you have mercury fillings or any root canals?

Do you have any other health problems?

Is your thyroid possibly off? (When my thyroid was off I was having mouth issues. For me it was a constant dry and sensitive mouth, no matter how much I drank.)

I hope you find relief soon. Do be sure to post what helps you!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hey there Phyllis,

I like Theresa's idea on brusing teeth with tea tree oil because tea tree oil is an anti viral and anti fungal.

My first "suspect" in medical problem "who-done-its" is always a viral or fungal agent lurking in the shadows as the unseen causal agent. It's amazing how often I read about some condition, and then do a google search along with the search word "virus" or "viral cause" that a number of cites come up, often scientific studies, talking about some particular virus being a trigger or the underlying cause of the condition.

And my normal go to that has worked so often is colloidal silver. Brush with that too. And in addition to the brusing, take a tablespoon or two of CS in mouth to soak. If you have a virus "housed" between your teeth and gums the CS would help kill it. But you need to hold the liquid in your mouth for a full, I really mean full, three minutes letting the CS soak the targeted teeth/gum area. If you have to spit that out before the three minutes, just get another tablespoon full and finish out the three minute soaking. Do this twice daily for three days. If it's a virus, you'll notice the irritation gone very quickly.


Replied by Katrina

I have this sensation as well. I've begun oil pulling a few weeks ago, mainly with coconut oil sometimes with sesame oil, due to receding gums and sensitive teeth. My teeth have already become brighter in colour some of the staining has lessened. The sensitivity has decreased and the feeling of them not being clean is lesser when I remember to oil pull at least once a day, for me I need it twice. I have just started taking the Vitamin C and Zinc, magnesium and gut repair for the body to start the healing process. I will start with fermented cod liver oil and K2 grass fed butter when I can afford it.

I believe it's worth it to avoid any further visits to the dentist. To me they are an unnecessary evil unless its unavoidable as with surgery and doctors.

Replied by Kay
Destin, KS

Perhaps there's a connection to/with an oral condition called Hairy Tongue (?) My brother got this after having "hairy teeth". Doctors/dentists didn't treate it, instead they advised "elimination of the cause". The cause can't always be determined, however potential causes include (according to the Mayo Clinic):

  • Changes in the normal bacteria or yeast content of the mouth following antibiotic use
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Dry mouth (xerostomia)
  • Medications containing bismuth, such as Pepto-Bismol
  • Regular use of mouthwashes containing oxidizing agents, such as peroxide, or astringent agents, such as witch hazel or menthol
  • Tobacco use
  • Irritation due to drinking hot beverages, such as coffee or tea
  • Eating a soft diet that does not help to rub dead skin cells from your tongue

My brother ended up with severe gum infections, then extensive gum grafts. He is very acidic in general (severe acidosis), and is highly allergic to citric acid, lacks digestive enzymes & HCL, and has pervasive fungal infections (but unfortunately refuses to change his diet/habits or do more self care).

Replied by Erin
Pensacola, FL

I think I just got the answer to what I call Black Tongue. I wrote recently about my tongue condition and compared the timing of its appearance as near the time I started the H202 inhalation practice which I feel has literally cured me of emphysema. I said that if my tongue is my only price for curing my COPD, it's a small price to pay. There it is: No. 5 on this list. So helpful to me - thank you, Kay!

Replied by Gail

I'm trying to find out if you ever found out how to get rid of the problems with your mouth and teeth, I'm going through the same problems, only mine started on the lower left and is now on the upper as well. I'm up day and night, my doctor doesn't know what to do. This problem is taking a toll on me. Please tell me what you did to rid yourself of the problem. No one has been able to help, not even my dentist.

Thank you in advance.

Replied by Janet

Gail I have found 3 things to benefit...

This has cured a host of issues for me.

In a bottle I pour milk of magnesia. Dollar Store brand is free of additives. I add equivelent amount of spring water. A pinch of sea salt. Some essential oil orange or mint. 1 or 2 drops of lugols 5% iodine. Shake.

Fill the little cup that comes with MOM with solution. Use this to dip toothbrush in after rinsing it off each time. It is also your mouth rinse.

Dip. Brush teeth with solution clean tongue.

Then rinse mouth and toothbrush dip add baking soda brush rinse mouth with solution. Rinse brush.. dip..add coconut oil. Brush . repeat rinse.

The baking soda brush again. Rinse with solution. Spit rinse spit. leave solution remainder in mouth.

This cleans up infections rebalances alkalinity and for some reason gets things to migrate out of gums. I get things out I cannot even feel or know are there. But the upside is it fixes a multitude of problems. Janet

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Gail, try putting a few drops of h2o2 on a wet toothbrush and brushing with it once a day.

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan
66 posts

Hi Gail, If you don't feel weight in it, it may be bad vapors or thick gas, the symptom of it is to feel its volume and pain but can not be seen in X ray, the best thing to cure this is to drink carminative herbs especially Ruta and cummin.

Replied by Luke
Detroit Michigan

Hi everyone!! Same problem happened litterly out of no where. Has anyone found the best solution its taking over my life. Basically constant feeling of something between my tooth and cheek tends to spread everhwhere fuzzy feeling tingling worse om some days..anybody please help me

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Luke, you can:

1. Ask a dentist to have a look-see.

2. Rinse often with seasalt water.

3. You can apply a clay/activated carbon pack.

Replied by Mary Jane

Hi, try using a water pik. That has solved the issue of feeling something stuck between my teeth and gums on numerous occasions. It works when dental floss doesn't get whatever is stuck out. I often follow with a 3% hydrogen peroxide gargle for about 60 seconds. Good luck!

Replied by Stephen

Oil pulling is worth a try too. Just swish a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth for five or ten minutes. I have got stuck things out this way.

Replied by Terri

I have same problem, sometimes the bit between my two front teeth is sharp and makes tip of my tongue(which is drawn to the spot) sore. The inside and riif of my mouth and teeth feels fuzzy. Dentist says there is nothing there..even though I was sitting in the chair sensing it with my tongue. Mouthwash, salt swills etc all help but only briefly

Replied by Amber

Mine has been going on for 6 months. 7 dentist 1 gum specialist and 2 trips to the ER got me nowhere but broke. I don't think one believed me because it's a clear substance and very thin but strong. I've searched the Internet for the last 6months and there is stuff that comes close but no cigar. Except for a couple threads of people trying to find answers but they where all way to old and no one ever post an update. I am hoping maybe we could help each other out.

MY SYMPTOMS: *Dry mouth * Thick fluid * Sticky feeling

*Lichen planes on tongue (diagnosed) *Burning mouth

* Thin hard shell either coming from gums or between teeth maybe even keratinized saliva. Some times filled with the thick fluid

* I can sometimes remove it with tongue but it instantly comes back.

* Back top teeth are covered completely covered and slightly bumpier very sensitive if poked sometimes.

* Back top teeth also rounded on only 3 sides and one is sharper and sticking out. ( I think this might be point of entry).

* Whitish fleshy lump behind bottom back teeth

* White chunk of IDK ripped through bottom gum (not at one of the main salivary glands.)

* Swollen Tongue * Sharp teeth

Possible Causes:

*Stopped taking Percocet 2 months prior (prescription)

*Allergies stopped suddenly * Smoker

* Endometriosis (diagnosed but I think it was wrong)

*Gluten Intolerance *Broken Filling *Broken tooth

* Pain with antibiotics * Pain with vitamin A

These are all the things that might have had a hand in what is happening to me. Please please please if you are experiencing the same kind of symptoms and match up with on of my possible causes please let me know. Maybe by comparing our lives / problems we can find a root cause. Im desperate it's overwhelming and getting worse.

Things I've Tried:

*Oil pulling *Probiotics * Anti Fungus

*Wheat Germ Rinse *Vitamins *Antibiotics

*Apple cider vinegar * Fluoride Free tooth paste

* Homemade clay toothpaste *Water pick (always had)

* salt water rinse * Sugar Free Cranberry Juice

*Scaling teeth with a daily with rubberish scaler and once a week with stainless steal scaler

* I even threw away all the fluorescent light bulbs in my house and started cleaning with vinegar (and I hate vinegar).

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

The percocet may be the key player in this . Detox liver with milk thistle first and then slowly try some dandelion in caps or tea.

Use a paste on your teeth at bedtime of 50/50 baking soda and coconut oil . Baking soda works like a draw salve and would pull out anything stuck. Coconut oil would kill any mircobes, fungus, bacteria, virus.

Take molybdenum for detox symptoms from liver . Alpha lipoic acid can cut mouth issues, like David killed Goliath

B vitamins for stress and vit c if you were a smoker you are low. Soy lecithin granules are interesting, don't worry about the soy, I use to until I read one of Ted's posts, I don't skip a day of a heaping tsp.

Replied by Amberl

I've done the tea even put the warm bags on my gums. It does relieve pressure. I oil pull with coconut oil every morning and brush my teeth with it, clay, calcium powder, tea tree oil, baking soda and a couple times a week I throw some activated charcoal in the mix. Big on vitamin C but I take a multi vitamin and having to much of the others has turned out painful for me. I do take magnesium at night Tumeric and aloe pills in the a.m.

Replied by Kt

Dear Amber,

Tea bags relieving pressure could indicate abscesses? Biting on a garlic clove until the burning sensation goes away should help. There post here by Happynurse66 that helped me. I will look for that post and add it here for you.

The mucous that seems to be accumulating in your mouth could indicate you body's attempt to get rid of irritants. "Grit" from turmeric, charcoal or clay.

I sometimes have to get aggressive with my water pik. "Shooting" the area from all angles then do some oil pulling, swishing with peroxide & a little water, then use the water pik from all angles again. I have removed tiny bits of fleshy fruits, slivers of garlic or onion, "grit" from turmeric or other spices and even blueberry seeds.

When you take antibiotics, "Anti Fungus" and probiotics, they need to be taken at least two hours apart or the anti-whatever kills the beneficial bacteria in probiotics. Getting some Black Walnut tincture would help strengthen tooth enamel and start to heal any decay.

I'd look at any other ingredient in the Cranberry Juice. Any artificial or "natural" sweetener can cause problems. The cranberries are now probably genetically modified just due to infiltration by wind or bird droppings. I would not take over 1/2 C daily.

I hope some of this will help you.


Replied by Amberl

None of the dentist or doctors seem to think there is any infection. One lied to me to shut me up and prescribed antibiotics I took them for about 4 days then took the x rays he took to another dentist who said there was no sign of an infection.

The cranberry juice I drink is all natural no sugar added. It is supposed to make your mouth a harsh environment to kill off any bacteria. It's extremely good for you in so many ways and they recommend 8 to 16oz a day. It's a little hard to drink at first but it's well worth it bird poop and all Lol. But seriously I can tell a difference in my energy level when I don't drink it.

Replied by Jodi Dorothy
Winnipeg, Manitoba

hi phylis,

my mom is experiencing this exact same sensation. She's having a really hard time. Did you ever figure out what this was?

hope youre well,


Replied by Donna

Have the same thing for 7 months now. Been to Doctors, Dentists, Specialists of all kinds. No one can do anything. I've tried everything on here have had different antibiotics and antivirals. nothing works. So I have a whole from my right back tooth to my soft pallet and it keeps growing. The only thing that relieves the "feels like a piece of apple skin" stuck in there that I have to dig it out is perio care mouth was. I also have a lidocaine lollipop.

Basically my dentist is the only one that has said anything that makes any sense. I'm allergic to my saliva. I do have Lupus so this is the area it has decided to attack. Yes we tried steroids. Didn't work. Anyhow that's my horror story with this.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Donna, might oil pulling help?

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

You might benefit from reading DR. Batmanghelidj's book: ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus.

Replied by Denise

I believe this to be neurological problem. Not much to due about it. On the plus side, I'm sure you are flossing and your gums and teeth have never been better.

Replied by Bree
South Carolina


I am experiencing the exact same thing, except mine feels like corn is always stuck in between the back of my lower teeth and gums.

I often cannot sleep due to this ailment. (I'm typing this at 1:44AM.)

Like you, I've been to many doctors with no help. My dentist has flossed, scraped, and basically done everything to try to provide me relief. Sadly, nothing has helped. What's even stranger is that not one doctor is able to see it. This has been bothering me for over 2 years. PLEASE let me know if you have found a solution that worked for you. I plan to try every suggestion on this site.

Thank you for sharing your problem. It helps to know I'm not crazy and not alone.

Good luck and take care.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

I don't have your symptom but I can say I have had plenty of weird going on in my life. I have battled an abscess of one sort or other in my mouth for 20 yrs. Had all dental work done and more problems started. Finally I gave up on dental work. This week it went out of control with emotional issues . swelled up, throbbed . I threw the sink at it, Nothing worked. I'm like felix the cat and have many tricks in my bag. I have used castor oil hexane free for liver pain for years....helps so much. Well I coated my face about 5 x during the night and put a towel over my face and tried to sleep. Next day it improved and did it again the next night. I can't feel any pain when I press on skin near abscess today. I plan to keep applying solution . Maybe a miracle will attack me in the night and I'll wake up with new teeth and healthy gums. God is good even when all hell is breaking loose. A season to be THANKFUL . Hope you get relief.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Charity,

The problem with gums....your description sounds like it might be a long term infection. You might consider trying an anti infection method as a test; I use colloidal silver in my mouth once every two or three weeks, holding the liquid in my mouth for a FULL sixty seconds, then spit out. Repeat immediately and let drain down throat. If experiencing what you are going through, I'd repeat again later in the day. I'd do that for a week and see if there is any improvement. If improved, I'd do it for a month...twice daily. By the way, any time I go to the dentist I use CS before and after being treated. My MD told me there are scientific articles on the subject of increased infection when the dentist works on the teeth. I go regularly to the dentist for cleaning and so don't avoid him, but I use anti viral methods (CS) too make sure no infection is spread from mouth to gums/ or somewhere else in body.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

I did buy some in a spray awhile back. That night it flared up I used it quite a few times but the castor oil seemed to help the most. I will keep after it with the silver. Still need a miracle, this mess is beyond what a dentist can safely fix. My last dentist caused a lot of it. I forgive and now.... I need an ACT OF GOD!!! : ) I have had some other breakthroughs, so I will keep my faith switch on and my silver handy. Thanks for the helps. Love, Charity.

Replied by Lori

I have been suffering from this sensation as well for over a year after a horrible dental experience. Driving me crazy. I have been to 5 different specialists, to no avail. I'm thrilled to have found this "thread" and will try some of these suggestions. I'm praying I find resolve. It's taking a toll on my mental state. How are you actually doing Phyllis? What worked best for you?


I'm sorry Janet, but your instructions are kind of hard to follow. Can you please list again step by step? I'm seriously looking for a solution. Thanks! Lori

Thanks in advance for any other feedback! Lori

Replied by Rohit

I am also facing this issue not exactly but some sort. This problem also relate due to any nerve damage, plz consult any good neurologist.

Replied by Janet


Mouth rinse.

1 bottle of Milk of Magnesia

This should only have magnesium and purified water. No flavoring or anything else.

Pour into a clean 2 liter bottle

Refill the m.o.m. bottle with spring water. Pour that in the juice bottle.

Add 1 or 2 droppers of liquid phosphorus. (Amazon) the liquid mineral. I use TSP trisodium phosphate. 1/16 tsp. But people do not like to use it. As they do not realize it is 3 parts sodium with phosphorus. A safe mineral. A great remedy for RA, by the way mixed with chlorophyll.

So there are 2 options.

1 or 2 tsp of xylitol to kill infection.

I add borax to my water. But that is optional. Just a few grains

1/4 tsp of sea salt

2 or 3 drops of peppermint essential or orange for taste. Shake

You can add a tsp of baking soda.

I fill the cup that comes with m.o.m. with this solution. I dip my brush after rinsing it, in it each time.

I brush with baking soda. Rinse with solution. Dip

..add coconut oil to brush.

Brush. Rinse with solution. Dip

Add baking soda to brush. Brush again. Rinse.

I rinse with solution until cup is empty. Leaving the remainder in my mouth after last spit.

I have since started a great toothpaste to alternate with. Triple action, Kiss my Face. Whitening. It is a wonderful addition. But the pain relief and healing of my disastrous mouth. Magnesium, phosphorus...

Painful areas or gumboils...1drop of lugols 5% iodine. Usually at bedtime.

Hope this is clearer.


Replied by Sandra
Gimli, Manitoba

I have been experiencing the same thing for about three months. Had a varnish fluoride in June 2017. Not sure if it was applied properly! Finally found some relief swishing pure apple cider in my mouth. Have only done this twice and seeing some slimmey spit come out of my mouth. Hope this helps anyone experiencing this! It's enough to send you to the loobet bin! I have tried everything! This seems to help! For now anyway! Would not wish this on anyone ☹️

Replied by Rochelle

Has anyone found a solution? I've had the same issue. I'm a dental hygienist. It's not hairy tongue, it's not a fungus. I've had several X-rays and checks. I've had my bite adjusted and nothing helps. It's been recommended that I see an ENT.

Las Vegas

I wonder how many of us with this condition are using an oral steroid for bronchitis or COPD. My symptoms seemed to start with the usage of Dulera. Same symptoms as everyone else: a constant sensation that there is 1) something stuck between teeth 2) a bio film is stuck between teeth and gum line, is painful, and is difficult to remove. I got rid of all oral care products with fluoride, glycerin, and SLS. I coconut oil pull with the addition of baking soda, tea tree oil, and then I add Colloidal Silver to my mouth. I try to pull a minimum of 5 mins. Spit out floss first then use the Water Pik with the small gum attachment. Then I brush with either Neem tooth and gum powder-morning only-it's drying and I have night time xerostomia or Earth Paste peppermint. I rinse this with plain water and swish for a couple of minutes. No mouthwash. I'm good until I eat then I have to brush and floss at a minimum, the whole routine above preferably twice a day. This gives me some relief!! :)


Hi everyone,

Another sufferer here - I'm similar to Phyllis: started off on one tooth and now it feels like it's between three on the bottom of my teeth.

I stopped smoking in Feb this year (I wasn't a heavy smoker though) and it hasn't gone away. I swear I've had it for a year. It's driving me mental. I am constantly 'playing' with my teeth and gums. I have a feeling it is giving me constantly bad breath. :(

Has anyone had any luck with these remedies?

I'm wondering if has anything to do with my gut health (I had a case of H Pylori but found out I am fructose malabsorbant a couple of months ago, too).

I have just gone to a naturopath and I'm wondering if in time I will see a difference (it may all be related?).

One thing is for sure, I am going insane. HALP.

Danielle x

PS thank the gods for the internet and you lovely souls validating my crazy haha <3

Replied by Hunchoz

i got this feeling right now. figured I'll come here to find out what it is and to see if I can get rid of it because it's very irritating

Replied by Maria

It feels like something stringy is behind my lower front teeth!! I fuss with it constantly using my tongue, trying to dislodge whatever it is. Brushing, water pick, flossing...the "moss" won't leave.

Replied by Laura

Anybody ever get a solution that works?? I'm dealing with that hairy sensation and feels like popcorn husk is stuck between gums and back tooth uuugggghhhh


Replied by Hms

I have that same problem, something sharp stuck in my bottom gums, makes a sore spot on my tongue because I'm constantly rubbing on it in hopes to get it out. Dentist says there is nothing there!!! It's got to be something because it's very irritating!!! Have you found anything out?

Replied by G

Sounds like a neuropathy to me. Been there, done that. Same symptoms.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

Going insane? why yes! I would use some kefir for your gut . Sometimes when your gut is out of balance even taking a b vitamin will not absorb. B vitamins help coat the nerves so stress doesn't drive us insane. A healthy gut produces b vitamins. Nerve pain can be relieved in the mouth with alpha lipoic acid. I drink a tsp of apple cider vinegar with the mother in 12 oz water in the mourning to start my day.

Soy lecithin granules are equivalent to oil pulling and might help. tsp a day and you will gain many benefits from it.

Most people are low on zinc (immune health)and magnesium(balances calcium),

Quitting any habit. Habits help us cope emotionally, so unless you start another habit you might not be coping very well. You could take some walks in a park as a new habit.

For dental pain ....stop touching it, add a drop of clove oil, it will numb your gums and give you a break. Mix with coconut oil and it will kill anything that might cause bad breath.

Replied by Cathyauden
Dallas, Texas

My husband has had this sensation with his teeth for around three months. It appeared shortly after a sinus surgery but the doctor says it's not related. He had a deep clean at the dentist and was just prescribed Peridex oral rinse and Paradontax toothpaste. He'll give it a go, but keeping all of your suggestions in mind! Its driving him crazy, which in turn drives me crazy too. THERE HAS TO BE AN ANSWER...PLEASE!

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

Try tumeric on his food, it is amazing for the mouth and teeth and gums. As I read this post I heard the word zinc in my head. Maybe try that or if he is using a zinc denture cream he may have too much. Something to think about, Hope you find solutions.

Replied by Janet


If it is connected to his sinus surgery, seems plausible, I would begin with a 2 fold approach.

Deirdre has a colloidal silver vaporizer video her on E.C. that is very effective. For swelling, irritation, infection. It is so helpful.

Below is Ted's page on fixing the mouth, It has been fabulous for knocking out pretty much anything. Reducing swelling internally to allow any debris and infection to migrate out.

Some things that I find a quick relief. 5% lugols iodine, 1 drop on the irritation or 2 placed on gums. Skin will feel puckery for a few minutes. Must be used 2 hours away from oxy or hydrogen peroxide products, as they cancel each other out.

Brushing, if you choose to follow Ted's advice or not. A great tool for getting things to migrate out is coconut oil. I brush 30 seconds or so. Spit into garbage, not drain.

I find magnesium to be the low mineral in mouth challenges. There are others, lots of relief can be found with Milk of Magnesia as a mouth rinse. For swelling, I might put a few drops of magnesium oil on the roof of my mouth. Soothing sinus and gums.

These are topical relief. The problem would be dealt with more deeply with Teds advice. Vitamin D. Foundational. His amino regime will eliminate the infection.


Replied by M. Bishop
New York City

I have had the same problem for 6 months now. I constantly feel like there is something in between my Bottom two Front teeth. I’m constantly fussing with my tongue to get it out but there is nothing there. My mouth feels itchy and hot by the end of the day. Has anyone found relief?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

M, read up here:

EC: M posted on that exact's very long one!

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa
337 posts

To M Bishop:

This sounds like toxicity to me. Perhaps, heavy metal but it doesn't matter. If the body is trying to get rid of something via the mouth, then the liver is overloaded so get some chlorella. It's ordinarily used to clean alcohol from the liver but that also makes it excellent for supporting the liver when expelling bad stuff Whether heavy metals or the toxic herx debris created by cleansing.

I would start with the powder and just use it to rinse the mouth several times per day. After a few days of that, you could start taking it internally, but I would go slow on the amounts because if the toxins are in the gut, a regular dose would probably just make you vomit. Which would be a GOOD thing - better out than IN and all THAT - but it's zero fun. Of course, you could try taking some internally, immediately and you may not get sick but, if you do, then you'll know how to do a slower start.

Toxins are brutal but they're also relatively easy to eliminate because, unlike bacteria, viruses and parasites, they aren't making little baby toxins while you're trying to get rid of them. So, whatever you can expel, you've reduced the amount in your body by that much. UNLESS the ingestion is constant.

Nevertheless, I would go slow and I would also do some thinking with regard to where you may have picked it up. If you're a drinker or if it's environmental, you'll want to continue with the chlorella, until its source is no longer an issue.

Replied by Lee

My father recently got the similiar problem with his mouth.

He Always feels like there is some Nails, iron wires within his month so he cant stop chewing and try to cut them and spit out.

This happens after he did extract of tooth. He Went to dietist who did x-ray and did'nt find anything. He tried with different medicine and no helps. He cant sleep, eat as usual. This is really driving him crazy and he is already more than 70 years old.

Could anybody who earlier suffered with this share the solution which has fixed the problem? Thanks so much for your help, we really feel desparate!

Replied by Gertjr

Maybe oil pulling with castor oil? Castor oil is known to help pull out slivers or draw out infection, so this could help and certainly would not hurt.

Replied by Lee

To Dave or anybody who has tried out Dave's method:

when you said you used colloidal silver to brush teeth, what do you mean?

can you explain more about how to brush teeth by using colloidal silver?

Appreiate with your help!


Replied by Lee

To Natalie:

I would like my father who has been suffering this problem for the moment to try your advice. But I need to make clear how it should be done properly, so could you please list the instruction step by step so that could guide us do the right way? Sincerely appreciate with your help!!!

And one more question, can you recommend the brand of toothpaste which without fluoride, glycerin, and SLS? Thanks a lot once again! I live in Sweden and I hardly can find any toothpase without SLS or glycerin.

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Hi Lee,

I only use toothpaste without Fluoride or SLS, but they all contain glycerin. I imagine it is to keep it in a soft consistency in a tube. One brand that does not contain any of these is a powder. It contains Hydroxyapatite (powdered bone from grass-fed New Zealand cattle - this is supposed to be the same material that makes up teeth), Sodium Bicarbonate, Xylitol, (sourced from birch), White Kaolin Clay, Calcium lactate, Magnesium Carbonate, Peppermint, Spearmint, Himalayan Salt, and Menthol. It also comes in unflavored, which would be even milder. It is Ora Wellness “Shine, ” and they are so accommodating, that I imagine they would ship to Sweden. They have a website so you can view their products and see if anything would help your Father. Best wishes.

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Hi, Gertjr Madison : Thanks a lot for your response! I will let my father try this way and will update here if it works to help others!

Sincerely appreciate your help!

Hi, Rsw Oh :

Thanks a lot for your extensive explanation to the toothpast which I am looking for for my father who will appreciate to your help!

All best wishes to you all for such kind help!


Replied by Lee

To Natalie:

I would like my father who has been suffering this problem for the moment to try your advice. But I need to make clear how it should be done properly, so could you please list the instruction step by step so that could guide us do the right way? Sincerely appreciate with your help!!!

And one more question, can you recommend the brand of toothpaste which without fluoride, glycerin, and SLS? Thanks a lot once again! I live in Sweden and I hardly can find any toothpase without SLS or glycerin.

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Please tell us if any of these worked. I have the same problem only on my 2 top front teeth. I've been messing with it for months. The dentist say they don't see anything but I feel it and it was cutting up my gums between those teeth. Now I feel this stretchy, fuzzy like object on my teeth. I've messed with it so much that I can move it but it snaps right back. I'm kinda scared because I've never had oral problems and I don't know what this is. I'm hoping someone here knows and can help.

Replied by John
Western Australia

i would not recommend using pure tea tree oil directly on any part of the body. it must be diluted down to 20% strength...diluted with another oil or alcohol or water.

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I had same problem for months and went to our dentist without a result but finally figured out the annoyance between tooth and gums was a bristle from my toothbrush lodged there.. sore tongue from forever prodding with it and I changed my toothpaste from whitening to normal type with a bit more relieved to have finally removed the bristle.

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South Africa

It could be a fungus for which oil pulling with coconut oil might help as well as rinsing with tea tree oil.

Might also be the biofilm in which bacteria hide. Almost nothing can penetrate it, including antibiotics. Proteolitic enzymes eg Nattokinase, Serrapeptase or Lumbrokinase are then probably the best option, especially Lumbrokinase.

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New York

Amber, did you ever find any relief? I'm experiencing something very similar to what you were experiencing.

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Washington state

I the exact same issue as you describe. For about 3 weeks I have what I would describe as that feeling you get after eating spare ribs and corn on the cob. I have tried flossing, mouthwash, different tooth pastes. -Mark

faithville, Us

Put baking soda on teeth and gums and then put hydrogen peroxide on a toothbrush and get baking soda wet so it fizzes and removes whatever might be stuck. Also, people lose sulfur, msm, as they age and need to take it with vitamin C for receding gums. coconut oil, activated charcoal, or turmeric will whiten teeth and keep them and your gums health.

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Ok. Like I said I have this issue too.

I read it's possible it might be caused by a few things: taking antacid like Tums, Rolaids. I recently have been taking, so I'm going to try to stop taking antacid. Also Read it might be caused by either mouthwash: about 2 months ago I started using listerine twice a day. I will refrain. Thirdly, whitening tooth paste: I have been using that as well. Finally asthma steroid: I take Advair. its a powdery steroid. I have been using Advair for years, so I cant imagine it is that but maybe one of the other things listed above in combination is causing it. -Mark

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I second that! Oil Pulling is nothing but good! Do only 5 mins, but for your issue I would do the entire 20 mins, just 1x per day. Hopefully, it will resolve itself after that. I use Coconut Oil w/touch of mint oil. This is beneficial to not just your mouth either. OP is amazing. There's a large section about it on this site.

Best of luck.