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Brother With Metastatic Small Cell Carcinoma of Lung

Posted by Mahboobul Alam (A) on 07/31/2020

Hi, I am from Dhaka. Beginning of this year my brother (age 54) was diagnosis of metastatic small cell carcinoma of lung. Then he had completed 6 cycles of Chemo therapy (Cisplatin & Etoposide) along with Immunotherapy (Keytruda) with Zometa (for bone). After completing the treatment he was better for one and half months. But last pet scan report (24/6/2020) revealed tumour again repair at the same site on his left lung. Again chemo therapy and Immunotherapy was started per weekly. After 4 cycles he became sick. So could not finish his 6 cycles course.

Now we are in very difficult position. If anyone of you know what should we do, please tell us.

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Hi Mahboobul Alam -

There have been a number of recent posts regarding small-cell lung cancer here on Earth Clinic. Perhaps some of the responses will help your brother.

I truly hope you find the answer there.

Take care.

Replied by Art
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Mahboobul Alam,

A well known American doctor named Dr. Frank Shallenberger is using very high dose melatonin ("VHDM") in his cancer patients along with standard of care therapy and other natural herbs such as Turmeric/Curcumin and high dose vitamin C in the treatment regimens that he develops for his patients.

What he has said is some of his cancer patients, are able to live with cancer while using VHDM+. His contention is that if you can stop the cancer from progressing, some cancer patients will be able to live with it indefinitely.

Here is a link to a video where he discusses what he is doing with melatonin as part of his cancer protocols. Keep in mind that he is using dosing that is far greater than what Dr. Neel is using successfully for his Covid-19 patients! Dr. Neel's dosing regimen is considered to be high dose melatonin or HDM while Dr. Shallenberger's dosing is considered as very high dose melatonin or VHDM.


Replied by Anon

Probably make sure his elimination/detox pathways are functioning well.

Garlic, fresh aloe vera gel, fresh parsley & cilantro, activated charcoal w/ psyllium husk, Ted's lemon/sodium bicarbonate recipe, vit C, D, E etc food based, melatonin... Research these.